Your Mother’s voice, how it really changed you.

January 26th I looked at the titles on my book shelf. I flipped through a couple, one had a CD I never listened to. I put it aside to take it to the car for later and took the following book off the shelf. When Listening Comes Alive, A Guide to Effective Learning and Communication by Paul Madaule.

In recent weeks I had been taking note of my voice, how it sounded when talking about particular subjects. Especially when exploring how feeling unheard especially in childhood is universal and has deep ripple effects on choices and behaviours.

Madaule explains the radical transformation of an “ear tune-up’ on a young persons life. Yep this was the book I wanted to read that day.

As many of you know I have written and spoken about the impact of emotions on babies in the womb. Madaule explains how he assists clients to balance the mother’s voice in the nervous system through tuning the ear.

The baby picks up the Mother’s voice through her bones…

He explains how the baby picks up the voice through her bones and the ‘mother tongue’ impregnates the nervous system. This is what we often find in Biofield Tuning. The emotions of the mother in gestation having an impact on the unborn child. This is why it may be difficult to break life patterns and behaviours. The blueprint has been in your ’emotional DNA’ before birth.

tune . change . believe . transform

Tuning these emotions can have a life changing impact. Without limitations we don’t hearing ourselves through a filter of self-doubt. We have clarity, optimism and self compassion.

The ear has an ability to tune into what we want to receive and protects us from what we don’t.

Paul Madaule.

So by tuning the ear we can change our voice, discover confidence and update our language environment. This is critical to creating optimal conditions for a healthy mindset. Limiting or eliminating distractions, cultivating a strong foundation of self worth sets super star elite athletes apart from the rest. You may not want stardom or fame but imagine being able to stay calm in critical moments.

You won’t need to replay the experience over and over again in your mind wishing you said something different.

Empower yourself by transforming emotions in your nervous system through Biofield Tuning with Amanda Mackay.

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