What is Energetic DNA? 

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Tapping Into the Power of Energetic DNA for Personal & Professional Development

I was watching a Mel Robbins reel on Instagram, her ‘pep talk’ was clear and direct.

‘STOP WAITING. STOP WORRYING. Your dreams have a brick path that will get paved everyday one brick at a time…’

Now I’m a visual person so as I listen I see the waiting, the worry she talks about as a brick wall. The wall of resistance we all have. Everyone of us has fear. Fear of rejection, criticism, failure, abandonment, humiliation aka not being loved is the big one.

The path Mel talks about gets paved with each brick we take out of the wall. Every time you shift your perspective about a negative belief, pattern or behaviour (the brick) the path to purpose becomes clearer.

So how did you get so many bricks in the wall?

From other people. Often well intentioned people. Family.

Self-belief is etched liked marble, with sharp tools of opinion often at the hands of unconscious parents, some hard blows and it sure feels like part of you has been lost or cut off.

It’s time to understand inner conflict, self-criticism and limiting patterns are inherited. It’s time to let go the past, it’s not yours, it’s inherited Energetic DNA.

What is Energetic DNA? 

Energetic DNA is the emotions, trauma or limiting beliefs unconsciously handed down through generations. 

Say your family was poor a few generations ago this may still be effecting you today. What are your beliefs about money? Do you feel like there’s enough? 

Did you have to step up and be the parent when you should have been playing? The adults that expected that of you had their own trauma. Why else would they have allowed it? 

The term generational trauma was first coined by a Canadian psychiatrist, Dr. John Bowlby, in the late 1950s. He defines it as “the emotional residue of an event or experience that is passed from one generation to another”.

Remember we are all here to learn. When we use our bricks for the path of purpose not the wall of resistance we change our reactions, attitudes, beliefs and fears.

When you have a reaction, negative thought or attitude pause. Where did they come from? Awareness of behaviour, belief systems, prejudice, delusion, anger and powerlessness is powerful.

Why? Because you then have choice. Choice to consciously choose who you want to be. Now making these changes and choosing your wellbeing over the comfort of someone else’s expectations is probably going to be uncomfortable. For you and them.

So first what is the underlying emotion of an expectation?

‘I want you to do what I want, when I want you to it and how I want you to do it . Because I felt unseen, unimportant or unloved by my parents.
I want you to fill the canyon of pain I feel every minute of every day’.

This is why relationships don’t work. Think about it this way, it’s like your partner dumping all the family trauma on you expecting you to heal their whole family lineage. Oh and stay in shape, bring in an income, raise the children and hold up the social status so they look good. Don’t forget to smile this is a privilege! Doesn’t feel fair does it? Ok now reverse it. Are you dumping on someone else’s door step?

Does that feel too harsh? I feel it too.

Sitting here writing I had moments of loosing my train of thought many times. Why? Flashbacks. This touches my trauma and Energetic DNA too. At 18 I chose to be conscious of learnt behaviours (E DNA), of course being so young I didn’t really understand it fully. What I have come to understand is it can be challenging. However, I want you to remember most of these things you criticise and don’t like about yourself are inherited beliefs. Freedom from family conditioning is worth it!!!

We’re all human, all on the path, be kind to yourself.

If you want to change, if you want a different life like I said it’s time to heal the Energetic DNA. You need to do this for yourself. Future generations will thank you for breaking the chain. This is how we create great impact for us, our family and the planet!

Your needs are not selfish.

Feeling connected to your self, your self-worth and balance is life changing.
You know the over used phrase ‘be the change’?
This is how you do it.

Amanda helps clients to decode their Emotional DNA, healing the family wound they’ve unknowingly been carrying through life.

I did a series of sessions with Amanda and they were amazing!! I felt held and supported to really shift through the entire seven weeks process. Though the sessions were once a week I felt Amanda holding space the entire time which helped me to go deep trusting the journey and allowing more healing to take place. Amanda’s intuitive and healing abilities, wisdom and holistic skills as well as her warmth, kindness and support make for a powerful catalyst for change for anyone looking to upshift. Amanda is a powerful healer and I highly recommend her work. 

Katie, Burleigh Australia.

I have had many distance sessions from Amanda.  All of these sessions were deeply transformative and allowed for positive ongoing changes in all areas of my life. Amanda is highly intuitive and holds a warm, supportive and nurturing space in her work which serves to amplify the healing benefits.  I am so appreciative for all that Amanda has facilitated for me and would highly recommend her as a skilled practitioner.

Elizabeth, NSW

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