Tuning Forks, how do they work?

Tuning forks when struck with a mallet or hockey puck produce a vibration or tone that is intended to relax the body, calm an over active mind and assist with deepening meditation, Biofield Tuning session or Sound Healing also  known as Sound Therapy.

During a Biofield Tuning or Sound session the body and field of the receiver (you) absorbs the frequency of the fork, your body is becoming aligned or in balance with that particular vibration.

Just like water over a sugar cube the sound from the fork is ‘melting’ the stress to create a calm, grounded and balanced experience.

Our bodies are 70% water, our cells are vibrating, they hold the emotions attached to memories.

Trying to manifest or create the life you desire with underlying limiting thought patterns or belief systems such as lack, disconnection or sadness is like sitting in a car with no fuel, oil or tyres and wishing it to get you to your destination, it’s not going to work!

When the dissonance emotions in your body and energy field are ‘tuned’ with the vibration of the forks your body may feel relaxed, mind chatter becomes decluttered and overwhelming emotions begin to fade. 

It’s important to remember this process is gradual – you will heal at the pace you are ready while this new way of being is integrated.

Living in tune with yourself, the immediate environment and the universe will feel more natural, making manifesting, creating, living in abundance, connection and with love feel and be more possible.

Tuning forks placed on the body work in a similar way to massage, releasing muscle tension however due to the vibration work deeply on the other systems.  Used on the diaphragm (plexus energy centre where adrenal fatigue + the fight or flight response is held) and lung points forks have helped many people better able to breathe, be more flexible in yoga and even feel taller!

We feel energy right? Most people have felt the tension in a room, sadness at a place of destruction or noticed the high vibrations at a happy event. The lingering emotions seem to sit in the air long after an event or experience, just as we can sense this, a practitioner can sense the vibrations needing to balance during a long distance session.  Many people have also benefited from recorded audio sessions, reflect on how a song recorded decades ago can still have an impact on your mood and you’ll understand! 

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  Listen to Biofield Tuning founder Eileen McKusick discuss distance sessions and how they work.


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