Tuning forks for children

tuning forks for children

Have you thought of using tuning forks for children? The vibration from the fork helps children to relax.

A few years ago I was looking after my niece and nephew for the weekend. The youngest had a lot of energy which is great, he’s a lovely boy. As the night went on I took a tuning fork out of my bag, we were sitting on the couch watching tv.

Calm kids

As I activated the fork he looked at me and I placed it on his leg. I leaned back putting the fork stem on his back, he went back to watching the program. I repeated this a few times and then paused. After about 10 seconds he turned grabbed the fork and put it on his back, he loved it!

Now this dynamo started to really relax. It wasn’t long before he was asleep, he had a deeply restful night.

Tuning forks placed on the body work in a similar way to massage, releasing muscle tension however due to the vibration work deeply on the other systems. Used on the diaphragm (where children and adults hold anxiety) and lung points forks have helped many people better able to breathe, be more focussed, calm and even feel taller!

Research by French ENT surgeon Alfred Tomatis found sound led to visible changes in the mood and well-being of the recipient.

Tuning forks for children and pain relief.

When my children were young we practiced meditation and being zen together. When they had braces tuning forks were an amazing tool for pain relief! My grandchild has had weighted forks on the body for rest since birth and teething too. (The dog comes over for a session whenever one of use grabs a fork!)

This vibration balances the ‘charge’ of emotion allowing a balance to occur. This is especially helpful if children (and adults or even pets) are unable to express what they are feeling. Stress in anyone’s body is usually an accumulation of unspoken emotions.

Sound healing is an opportunity to reduce stress and integrate emotional wellness as a way of being.

Amanda offers sound healing sessions for babies, children and families.

Sound Healing for children : Suitable for babies & children up to 12 years.

During this session up to 4 children in the same family may attend with one parent (packages are also available)

Family or Relationship Group Sound session Children must be over 12 years old

This group session is for families or people in a relationship (eg: spouses, siblings, in-laws, parents + children, friends or coworkers) that are seeking to improve connection, communication and harmony.

When an individual energetically carries past pain or traumas in their field or memories, another person actions or words can activate the charge caused by these experiences and vice versa (commonly known as triggering). 

Tuning forks will be available in the Biofield Being store soon!

Always consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment for medical conditions.


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