What is a sound Lounge?

VibroAcoustic Sound Lounge sessions are the ultimate in a relaxation and sound therapy experience.

With this combination of sound therapy and vibrational therapy you will experience a deeply immersive and rejuvenating experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

During each session you lie on the Sound Bed, which emits a pattern of vibrations that penetrate deep into your body promoting relaxation while reducing stress, anxiety or muscle tension. These pre-programmed soundscapes, are designed to enhance your overall relaxation experience.

With noise cancelling headphones the outside world drifts away allowing your body and mind to dial back and create a natural healing environment.


What are the benefits of a Sound Lounge?

  • Reduces tension or nervousness for balanced wellbeing. 
  • Eases feelings of stress while relaxing and harmonising the mind and body.
  • The vibrations retunes body harmony from cells to skin.
  • Recalibrating your body to its natural harmony.


Experience transformation.

  • May improve memory, concentration or learning ability by releasing mental stress or over thinking.
  • Releasing body tension by harmonising breathing, blood and lymph flow.
  • Deepens the meditation experience and spiritual awareness.
  • Allows the body to relax and calm the central nervous system.


Creating the ultimate relaxation experience.

Sound Lounge 30 mins | This stand alone session can deeply relax your central nervous system and ease body tension, perfect for those on a time budget.
Sound Lounge 60 mins | An the extended experience for those wanting to enhance their meditation practice and exploration into sound.
Sound Lounge + Tuning Forks 60 mins | The ultimate vibroacoustic experience, this session transports you from the stress of a modern hectic life to the sublime soundscapes of healing and transformation.

Book your Sound Lounge session and experience the ultimate in relaxation as your body retunes and recalibrates to its natural harmony.


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