Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing?

The Energy Field around your body is the Biofield or Aura. The Biofield is like the rings of a tree – it contains the emotions of our life experiences. Vibration or sound waves connect to the emotions in the Biofield. Instruments can create those sound waves and vibrations. In particular; Drums, Tibetan Bell, Singing bowls, Tuning forks and a Gong.

Vibration balances the ‘charge’ of emotion allowing a balance to occur. When you recall a past situation there isn’t the same emotional response. Without the pain, sadness, grief, loss or rejection (etc) you may heal and not be ‘stuck’ in that past situation. Yet the memories and learnings are not altered.

For example: When hurt in a relationship, there may be resistance to entering a new one. The pain is very real – when the ‘charge’ is high you will vibrate and attract the same experience. Sound Healing assists in easing the charged emotions. You can choose to be more aware and discerning in a new relationship.


“After seeing Amanda for 6 sessions I was amazed at the reduction in my anxiety levels and the improvement in my flexibility. As all the muscles around my torso released (poses, diaphragm, and all around the ribs), I can take deeper breaths, and can move more deeply into yoga poses I never thought I would get into. Amanda’s calm voice and demeanour along with some excellent insights and the sound work provide noticeable benefits. I wouldn’t hesitate to see her again.”

Sam, Brisbane


Head & Heart Harmony

When past hurts, pain, betrayals or resentments are recalibrated and released, heart rhythms become more coherent. In turn feelings become more compassionate, assisting shifts in perception, increased intuition and mental clarity.


The cells in your body and the energy field around it have positive and negative points just as batteries do, ‘charging’ them with sound healing assists with increased energy, cell rejuvenation and a feeling of being focussed and grounded.


As we know when you are stressed the body is more fatigued and tired, sound healing assists to relax the body and calm the nervous system which may assist with sleep and decrease your vulnerability toward overwhelm, common cold or muscle tension.

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