Sound healing for children

Sound healing has been known to assist with balancing stress experienced during a traumatic birth.

Research suggests prenatal stress may effect behavioural and physiological development.  Similarly, we know babies can perceive sound in utero and may feel the mother’s stress.

For example, stress can come from unplanned pregnancy, or previous experiences with a pregnancy, birth or parenthood. Money or relationship issues can also be a factor. Babies and children are super sensitive. Even though they don’t consciously understand adult stress, they certainly feel it!

What is Sound healing?

Sound healing calms the nervous system which may assist anxiety, stress or overwhelm.

Music stimulates areas of the brain therefore it can gently increase engagement and enjoyment.

Vibration at a high frequency restores our energy. This can lead to reduced anxiety and stress. When you don’t feel stressed or anxious things seem to go the way you want. This is because your Biofield (aura) is drawing more positive energy to you. 

Vibration balances the ‘charge’ of emotion allowing a balance to occur. When you recall a past situation there isn’t the same emotional response. Without pain, sadness, grief, loss or rejection you can heal and feel ‘stuck’ in that past situation.

What happens in Sound healing for children?

Children respond well to the sound of singing bowls. Even an active child may relax or fall asleep during a session. Sound vibrations help a persons body return to harmony. Sound healing has been described as a sonic massage, great for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Most importantly, sound healing is the opportunity to balance stress inherited from birth or the current family environment.

Children will experience the sounds of instruments and have a chance to play them. Children are free to play, they don’t need to sit still. Sound healing assists children to relax and engage in a positive activity.

Sound healing may assist children to focus, awaken creativity and imagination. Sessions at Biofield Being are suitable for babies & children up to 12 years.

During a sound healing for children session the parent receives the much needed benefits also. Too often we put all the focus on the young one’s wellbeing. As care givers we need nurturing and support to create a balance family environment.

During this session up to 4 children in the same family may attend with one parent.

Infants are held by the parent during the session, older children can play!

Amanda Mackay at Biofield Being has made a huge difference in my life – and for my kids as well! She is always so peaceful, kind and always makes me feel welcomed. Amanda was so amazing, that I booked in my children for a couple of Sound Healing sessions too. There has been a huge positive difference in them as well, they are more calm and really benefited from her experience. Words cannot describe our gratitude. I trust her completely and so thankful we found her. Definitely recommend all of her services. Thank you Amanda.

Elena B, Mum of 3

Just a few more things…

IMPORTANT: Sound healing is not a diagnostic therapy, please seek medical advice for any health concerns.

These sessions are for calming and relaxation not music instruction. Parent’s presence is required in private sessions. We suggest you wear comfortable clothing.

Amanda Mackay Working with Children Check – Blue Card No. 1988526-1

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