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Why use Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy is an ancient practice. It can help you clear energetic blockages and facilitate healing on a physical and mental level. Watch the TED Talk below by Joanna McEwen to learn and understand how sound therapy can help you.

Appointment information

What can I expect?

Treatments will be conducted with you fully attired and shoes removed.

As with all sound sessions you will relax on the treatment table surrounded by soft lighting with air conditioning or heater depending on the season for optimal relaxation.

How can I connect for sesssions?

Tuning Fork Therapy (Biofield Tuning) Brisbane or via phone in Australia or overseas

sonoKi Brisbane or via phone in Australia or overseas

Sound Lounge + Body treatments Brisbane

What do I need before & After?


When possible wear loose comfortable clothing as tuning forks, hot stones or singing bowls may be placed on the body.

Post Session Care

Drink water

Soak your feet in epsom salt or magnesium flakes


Have you ever wanted to learn how to heal with frequency of vibrations? Now is your chance!

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