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Are you living the full expansive expression of your Star Sign?

You are probably aware of the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ aspects of your zodiac sign but what does that really mean? Let’s explore the phases of growth.

First it’s being unaware (‘negative’) of behaviours, traits and how they’re expressed.

Next you are gaining awareness and start to make some changes (‘positive’) although sometimes oscillating into old habits.

Apotheosis (the highest point in the development of something) is the third stage, the highest expression of the sign aspects are fully conscious and integrated with self-acceptance.

This bonus insight into parenting behaviour was created with the intention to assist you to explore and start to heal the child/parent/carer relationship you experienced in the family dynamic.

Explore deeper into Astrology Alchemy with Chiron + Lilith!

CHIRON Represents our core wounds and how we can overcome them.
LILITH Represents what is most repressed within us.



Boot | Astrology

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Astrology Alchemy Recommendation

  • Tuning Fork (144hz | 174hz)
  • Astrology boot for the Sun, Moon + Rising signs
  • Explore deeper with Chiron + Lilith

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