Tuning the Mother’s voice in your Nervous System

The Baby Picks Up The Mother’s Voice Through Her Bones…

The emotions of the mother in gestation having an impact on the unborn child. This is why it may be difficult to break life patterns and behaviours. The blueprint has been in your ’emotional DNA’ before birth.

Tune Change Believe Transform

Tuning these emotions can have a life changing impact. Without limitations we don’t hearing ourselves through a filter of self-doubt. We have clarity, optimism and self compassion.

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Tuning the Mother’s voice in your Nervous System


Effective Listening + Communication

(Inspired by the book ‘When Listening Comes Alive, A Guide to Effective Learning and Communication’ by Paul Madaule.)
Clear listening effects communication, co-ordination, our sense of connection with ourselves + others, creativity and confidence.
N.B. Always seek medical advice and/or counselling, these sessions are not a replacement for conventional treatments