Space Clearing Guide

This essential guide to Space Clearing provides step by-step recommendations and suggestions to assist you with creating a unique Space Clearing Ritual, Creating Coherence for Animals + Creating Coherence for Plants.


In this guide you will have access to 14 processes including protocols, pendulum charts with an in-depth explanation and suggestion for tools to bring calm, coherence and balance into your home, work space and for your animals and plants.

For those wanting to explore Space Clearing as an offering to family, friends or clients, this is a perfect starting point with easy to follow methods for in-person or remote clearings for people, spaces, animals and plants.



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Space Clearing Ritual

When space clearing may be beneficial

Space Clearing Tool kit

Ground and Centre the energy in your body

How to conduct a space clearing

Space clearing chart

Heart Coherence Energy Balance Ritual

Space clearing for another

Space clearing for those who’ve passed

Creating Coherence for Animals

How to create coherence for animals

Animal Coherence Chart

Animal remote clearing

Clearing for animals who’ve passed

Creating Coherence for Plants

How to create coherence for Plants

Remote clearing for Plants