Self-belief Transformation : 3 x 45 min Biofield Tuning Bundle

Tune into this series of 3 sessions with over 2 hours of exploring + transforming limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns  to create a healthy + balanced self belief.

Session 1
Balancing : Feeling emotionally disconnected/scattered, lacking in sense of self.
Possible outcome : Feeling connected to self, self worth, balance expectations and life choices.

Session 2
Balancing : Anxiety, difficulty making decisions, lack of focus.
Possible outcome : Clear decision making, able to adapt in situations, provide for self in balance, confidence.

Session 3
Balancing : Feeling stuck, lack of confidence, overwhelm.
Possible outcome : Ability to set boundaries and create emotionally healthy relationships, believe your needs will be met.

: 3 x Biofield Tuning audios
: Download to your device
: Unlimited listening
: Tune in anytime, anywhere



Self-belief Transformation : 3 x 45 min Biofield Tuning Bundle


Heather Burt recommends Amanda Mackay.
June 6, 2019

My Biofield Tuning session with Amanda was AMAZING!
Since there are no Biofield Tuning practitioners in my local area, I knew I would have to work with someone at a distance.
I didn’t know what to expect, but the experience was every bit as effective as an in-person session could have been… if not more so.
I believe Amanda’s intuitive ability, compassion, and knowledge are capable of traversing the ether, regardless of distance.
She responded to and managed the shifts in my energy seamlessly. All the while, maintaining the space for my personal processes to unfold.
I am grateful to her for the gifts she shares through her practice.