Selenite Wand Meditation Bundle

Sage + Feathers + Tourmaline + Candle + Selenite Wand + Natural Dried Rabbit Tail Grass Flower bundled for your meditation alter or space clearing.


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Selenite Wand Meditation Bundle


Sage : sage is the most scared smudging herb; used to cleanse, purifying during space clearing.
Feathers : assists to disperse the smoke from sage to purify your surroundings.
Tourmaline : a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds including EMFs and is deeply grounding.
Candle : may be used for ‘candle meditation’ which is practiced by gazing at a candle flame or to add to the atmosphere of your meditation space.
Selenite Wand : a beautiful crystal for rejuvenation and divine feminine energy, energetic wholeness and protecting your space from external influences.
Natural Dried Rabbit Tail Grass Flower : abundance, warmth, through communing with the Spirit world to awaken intuition.

Candle 22cm
Selenite Wand 25cm