Embark on a cosmic odyssey with our Moon Tuning Fork, an exquisitely calibrated tool crafted to tune into your biofield, establishing a profound connection to the captivating energy of the moon.

Immerse yourself in a harmonious experience that guides you through

  • the phases of inner conflict
  • relationship dissonance, and emotional resistance
  • the completion of cycles and the closure you seek
  • build bridges to completion and harmony
  • understanding the phases of experience necessary for personal evolvement

Allow the ethereal resonance of the Moon Tuning Fork to serve as your celestial guide, facilitating a profound connection to the moon’s energy. Feel the gentle pull of lunar influence as you bring this transformative energy back into your body and biofield, establishing a connection for understanding and resolution.

The Moon Tuning Fork, a beacon of guidance that illuminates your path to inner peace and fulfillment, harnessing the ancient wisdom of lunar energies for a holistic and transformative experience.


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  • Moon tuning fork
  • Unweighted
  • 210 Hz


  • Activate softly, less is more.
  • Gently clean your fork with a microfibre cloth
  • Store in a cloth or upright in a tuning fork stand.
  • Cleanse energetically with a selenite crystal. Simply lay the crystal near or under the fork.


  • Delivery via Australia Post
  • International Delivery DHL
  • After pay available