Money + the Survival Archetypes

During this Tuning fork session we explore the unconscious connections between our relationship with money and how the four survival Archetypes create resistance and limitation in creating inner and outer abundance.

Archetypes are patterns of behaviour that influence our spiritual, mental and emotional growth, being aware of the four fundamental types may assist you in understanding limiting beliefs or life patterns.

The Victim : assists you to overcome fear and suffering to create inner resilience.

The Saboteur : assists you to overcome limiting self-belief to create empowerment.

The Prostitute : assists you to overcome ignoring your inner compass to create alignment with the authentic self.

The Child : assists you to overcome avoiding personal responsibility to imagine the endless possibilities, ideas and creations for soul expression.

For those interested in Numerology this audio is 44.27 mins in length 

: 44 goal setting, solid foundation, abundance + achievement

: 27 faith, trust, courage + self belief

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