The Lion’s Gate opens up once a year starting in July peaking with clear strong energy on August 8.

It is called the Lion’s Gate because the sun is in Leo and Leo is ruled by our sun.

The number 8 is considered one of the luckiest numbers, usually associated with high potential to achieving success this is a powerful time for conscious creation.

Listen to the Lion’s Gate meditation to fine tune intuition, bring thoughts to action and align your spiritual path with manifestation.

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The Lion’s Gate meditation is a bundle of three downloads including a bonus intention template.

  • This short audio introduction explains the significance of the Lion’s Gate.
  • The Lion’s Gate meditation holds the high frequency energy that was recorded on Monday 8th August 2022.
  • Connect in for prosperity and abundance. This audio may be revisited and listened to often.

Bonus : The template is a guide for novice meditators or for those searching for intention clarity.