Healing the Mother Wound

The Mother Wound

During this 40 min tuning fork session we will explore the aspects of the Mother Wound that are manifesting as resistance, self-sabotage, lack of self worth, lack of self confidence or lack of self love in your current life.



In your Mother relationship have you felt:

* Unseen
* Unheard
* Unappreciated
* Unloved
* Rejected
* Resentful
* Dismissed
* Disconnected
* Not good enough
* Angry
* Sad

The vibrations from the tuning fork or singing bowl meet the emotions in your Biofield (aura/energy field) and like water over a sugar cube dissolve the dissonance for a sense of grounded calm and balance.

As these emotions are in our experience often for decades the recording of this session will be available for free on Soundcloud for 3 months to further your healing.

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