Deluxe Tuner Kit

The Deluxe Tuner Kit is perfect for practitioners and tuning fork enthusiasts alike!

The weighted 128 Hz and 174 Hz forks can be used individually or together to create binaural beats for a deeply relaxing meditative experience. Applying this fork combination to the body (with boots attached) may assist with easing anxiety, overwhelm, body discomfort while encouraging the flow of chi.

The unweighted tuning forks can be used in the biofield (energy around the body) to balance emotions associated with life experiences.

  • 1 x 144 Hz unweighted tuning fork
  • 1 x 174 Hz unweighted tuning fork
  • 1 x 432 Hz unweighted tuning fork
  • 1 x 128 Hz weighted tuning fork
  • 1 x 174 Hz weighted tuning fork
  • 1 x Large tuning fork boot
  • 1 x Small tuning fork boot
  • 1 x Blue activator
  • 1 x Allen key

Valued at $460.79


Deluxe Tuner Kit



  • tuning fork kit
  • weighted & unweighted tuning forks
  • tuning fork boots
  • activator
  • binaural beats
  • biofield balancing


  • Activate softly, less is more.
  • Gently clean your fork with a microfibre cloth
  • Store in a cloth or upright in a tuning fork stand.
  • Cleanse energetically with a selenite crystal. Simply lay the crystal near or under the fork.


  • Delivery via Australia Post
  • International Delivery DHL
  • After pay available


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