Crystal Tuning Fork A

A : Third Eye

Quartz Crystal

Clear and pure tones assist to balance, activate and attune the Ajna or third eye.

Self-realisation, inspiration and imagination. Balancing the energy of the third eye chakra allows us to see ourselves and the world with love, compassion and clear intuition.
Clear intuition is a state of trust in ones self and the universe.




  • Inner peace
  • Intuition
  • Self-belief
  • Trust
  • Relaxation

Handle with care: Crystal tuning forks are fragile, avoid hitting against hard surfaces.
Store in its protective case and strike gently with activator.


  • Activate softly, less is more.
  • Gently clean your fork with a microfibre cloth
  • Store in a cloth.
  • Cleanse energetically with a selenite crystal. Simply lay the crystal near the fork.


  • Delivery via Australia Post
  • International Delivery DHL
  • After pay available