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perceived : to attain awareness 

– merriam-webster.com

perception :the way you think about or understand something or someone 

– merriam-webster.com

communication : the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions or information by speech, writing or signs 

– dictionary.com

When communicating, the listener often filters what the speaker is saying through their own experiences, situation, pain, beliefs, judgements, wants or lacks – their limited perception.

When you are the listener, participant or audience to a communication are you aware of your inner responses? 

Are they positive or negative, supportive or judgmental, compassionate or dismissive? 

When communicating, do you –

get emotional 

feel a ‘jump’ inside 

have an immediate urge to justify/validate/argue your point of view 

wonder how you could be so dim not to have thought of it before 

doubt your own convictions/ideas/beliefs

start thinking about something else 

become tired or go to sleep 

physically remove yourself from the conversation

immediately change the subject

agree or stay silent when your opinion is different

These emotional responses are the Big indicators you need to listen to. They alert you to how you feel about yourself, your life, situation, those in it, the past, the future, where you feel you lack, defeated or the need to defend.

It is important to understand your own perceived perception in communication, it governs the quality of your relationships. The more aware and connected you are, the less you will enter into defensive, argumentative communications. 

When you feel emotional indicators surging, take a breath, acknowledge the feeling, quickly assess the feeling attached to it and decide how it is appropriate to respond in that moment. 

To consciously choose to illuminate a limiting response, reaction, thought, behaviour, action, opinion or comment is an opportunity to dissolve negative thoughts, raise your vibration, grow spiritually, enliven your soul, create Heart Coherence and maximise your Global Heart Print.

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