Body Treatments

Hot Stones + Tuning Forks


Assists to restore and rejuvenate your energy.

You will enjoy all the benefits of an oil free massage with the hot stone and tuning fork massage, the vibrations and warmth are absorbed deep into the body, gently easing the impacts of daily life from the muscles for calm and natural alignment. 

As with all sound therapy, brain waves are balanced for  relaxation, with the intention to restore the normal vibrational frequencies of the cells in our bodies. 

Price: $135
Duration: 60 Minutes

Sonic Meridian Balance

Meridian Lines in the Body

Meridians are pathways throughout the body which carry our life force energy.  There are twelve major meridians that run on each side of the body, one side  mirroring the other. Energy and blood flow continuously through the  meridians, they also transmit information too and among your organs.  

The Sonic Meridian Balance facilitates the opening of meridians more freely  and reconnect these energetic pathways.  

During this hour long session the practitioner uses weighted forks and  crystals on the body including the face, arms, hands, legs and feet.  

The vibrations on the meridian points assist energy to flow by dissolving any  stress held in the body, relax muscles, supporting detoxification and inducing  a deep state of calm, well-being and supporting your body’s ability to self heal.

Price: $189
Duration: 90 Minutes

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“I’ve been seeing Amanda for sound healing sessions over the last couple of months now and the difference that they have made are immeasurable. I feel more connected to who I truly am, my confidence is bursting and my family continually remark on how good it is to see me happy again.

Thank you for everything.”

Michelle Stook, Paddington

More than a treatment

                                                                 The cells in your body have positive and negative points just as batteries do,                                                                                                                             ‘charging’ them with sound healing assists with increased energy, cell rejuvenation                                                                                                                                                         and a feeling of being focussed and grounded.

Amanda Mackay

Amanda Mackay 

Our words, actions and contribution are our global heart print – our legacy. Bringing together a lifetime of skills and experiences to explore sound therapy, skin solutions, artistry and kindness advocacy is a beautiful balance I am happy to share!


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