New Year, New Intention

Growing up every New Years Eve we were given a word to focus on for the year. At the time I didn’t fully understand how to work with the idea, I was quite young!

Now I know this was meant to guide toward knowing myself better, healing and bust through limiting beliefs or patterns.

Reflect on the past year, was there an overarching theme? Situations and experiences that brought your attention to an aspect of yourself to understand, let go of or embrace!

How do you choose word for this year? Through tarot cards, a word from a book or conversation.

Have you already noticed a stand out experience from an interaction? Time with a friend, colleague or family member can highlight an area ready for growth and expansion.

Here’s an easy way to delve into your word, meditate, journal and reflect. Remember meditation through art, gardening, walking, swimming or simple day dreaming is powerful.

Now you are clear on what you would like to balance, heal and let go of it’s time to create an intention. Here’s a quick ‘how to’ tip on writing intentions.

Jot down a few words that express your biggest challenge, frustration or belief right now. In a corresponding column write what you want to feel or create. This will form the content for your intention template.

eg: (Column 1) How I feel now. (Column 2) How I want to feel/What I want to manifest

To make it easy for you I’ve created some healing templates, let’s get going!

Be kind to yourself through the process, especially if your word is patience!

Happy New Year 🦋

in kindness always,



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