Meditation struggles? Try this.

Meditation + sound healing

Do you have trouble staying focussed during meditation? Do you struggle to find a meditation that works for you?

This is common amongst people starting their inner work journey, you are not alone!

There are so many ways to meditate but what if it’s not your thing,? How else can you create inner calm and all the healing health benefits?

Sound healing or sound therapy, it’s easy. Instruments such as a gong, drums, singing bowls, tuning forks, Tibetan bells do all the work for you.

Rejuvenation can be achieved through brain waves going into meditation states. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the session!

New York Times best selling author Dr Emoto, demonstrated how the structure of water is changed by its environment. He stated positive emotions, classical music, thoughts, words or positive prayer cause the water to develop into snowflake looking structures.(as seen under a microscope). Where as negativity reduces their structure formation to be incomplete and dull.

So we know plants and babies develop well listening to classical music and water responds to positive sounds. Think about this… we are approximately 60-70% water.

Everyone feels different emotions depending on what they’re listening to. Clearly this is not just music but the news, conversations, gossip, negative thought patterns and traffic.

Coherent vibrations in a private or group sound healing may assist you to feel calm, relaxed and peaceful. The water structure in your body improves and the mind calms.

It’s easy, choose sound healing to help you meditate and improve your inner calm and wellness.

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