Is there a human cell frequency?

In a December 2023 an article published on explores the question of human cell frequency.

“Like a tuning fork, living human cells have frequencies at which they naturally vibrate – and now we have estimates for what some of them are.

Living human cells have resonant frequencies – rates at which they will naturally oscillate if the conditions are right. This has been suspected for decades, but researchers have now measured what some of those frequencies are.

When an object vibrates, the rate at which it moves back and forth has a big effect. At many frequencies, the object will only vibrate a little or quickly diminish, but at its resonant frequencies the size of the vibration becomes large.”

American sound researcher, writer and artist Barbara Hero invented the Lambdoma keyboard. This keyboard was designed to create harmony with the mind, body and spirit. She published many articles about the effects of sound on the body.  Barabara states “Players of these keyboards have experienced increased physical comfort and spiritual awareness within which they were able to learn answers to their questions including their life’s purpose and how to become more spiritually aware. ”

Body Notes and Frequency – Barbara Hero

  • Blood 321.9 (E)
  • Adrenals 492.8 (B)
  • Gall Blader 164.3 (E)
  • Stomach 110 (A)
  • Pancreas 117.3 (C#)

In more recent research MIT researchers gauge the progress of malaria using a novel imaging technique as discussed in the article Vibrating Cells Disclose Their Ailments – 

A red blood cell has electrical, chemical, and biological activity taking place inside it, which causes nanoscale vibrations at its surface. To measure the cells’ vibrational frequencies, the researchers combined Feld’s imaging technique with diffraction phase microscopy, in which a laser beam that passes through a cell rejoins a reference beam that does not, creating a distinctive interference pattern. READ MORE

So, let’s unravel the remarkable capabilities of tuning forks and the impact on your body. These precision-crafted instruments are meticulously tuned to specific frequencies, often corresponding to particular notes on the musical scale. And here’s where the magic happens: each note carries its own unique resonance that can profoundly affect our bodies.

When we use tuning forks, their vibrations penetrate deep into our tissues and energy pathways. It’s like an inner massage, releasing stress and tension we may not even realise we’re holding onto.

Placing them on or near the body, these vibrations work their way through, helping to balance our energy flow and restore harmony.

But it goes beyond the physical. Tuning forks have a profound impact on our mental state. As you hear their gentle, tones through your ears, they immerse you in a world of tranquillity. It’s like a sonic journey that calms the mind and helps you achieve a deep meditative state.

The effects extend to improving circulation and promoting relaxation when used on the body. In my clinic, I often use tuning forks to aid in balancing the body’s energy flow, creating a sense of inner peace and harmony. So, think of tuning forks as your sonic companions on the path to wellness—helping you find balance in body, mind, and spirit, and immersing you in a world of resonant tranquility.



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