How thinking effects our reality

Thinking effects our reality, what we think and feel creates our perception.

Beliefs, thoughts and feelings are mirrored in our daily life. Thoughts are waves that leave our head and project into the universe. How else would doctors be able to scan the brain?

All possibilities exist as potentials in the universe, you have the ability to create your world around you.

The power of language

Thoughts, behaviour and communication have their own frequency. It’s important to choose the words you use and how you use them.

Think about how you respond to negative words. Do you feel your heart closing? There’s no joy or expansion in the static of dissonance.

Prayer and mantras are just as powerful as gossip and slander. Just saying the words is not enough. What happens if you are saying one thing and feeling something different? The static of the negative or incoherent feeling is like a series of speed bumps. The road to manifesting will not be smooth!

Creating coherence

Through meditation, sound healing, chanting, singing or humming we absolutely have the ability to amplify that which we desire to create and manifest. Next time you are writing an assignment, constructing an email or considering a future conversation, hum or sing. Create coherence in your body, take note, did you notice more flow, ease or maybe happiness?

What’s the effect of coming into contact with a balanced harmonic frequency? People are more likely to align and attune into wellbeing just by being around you.

Balanced vibration in our body, mind and energy field may assists the planet to balance. Cause and effect is one of the laws of this planet.

If you look at any type of ceremony in any time or culture there’s music. Music effects us physically, emotionally and spiritually, it brings us together.

– Amanda

Music using the correct rhythms may calm the respiratory system and slow the heart beat, clearly less anxiety equals more coherence.

The first sense organ to develop in the womb is the inner ear, this is our first connection. Think about what you say about yourself. Listen properly to how it makes you feel. Think about how this is creating your reality.

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P.S. Did you know listen and silent are an anagram? Yes it’s always best to listen in silence!


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