Global Heart Print, what is it and how to transform it?

Every interaction adds to our personal and collective experience. The purpose of these interactions is to experience ourselves. To be aware of thoughts feelings, fears, judgements, assumptions, historic and current human consciousness gives us the opportunity for choice. 

Humans hold on to these things in the belief they are necessary to survive when in fact they are what hold us back from becoming truly conscious: Our purpose. To choose who we are. Let go of that which no longer serves. 

To communicate in kindness, compassion, love and friendship is a gift to yourself and others, no matter if they respond in kind. It is our own self that we are in charge of, responsible for and absolutely need to know before all others. Be the example, people will notice. In small or big ways they too will change just by your presence. It is not up to a leader, guru or famous person to effect change. Every person on the planet is powerful enough, it is now time to ignite your power.

Our memories, thoughts and actions : become our DNA. Physical DNA and Collective conscious DNA is what we pass on to our children, family, friends, local and global community.

A compassionate heart and a willingness to embrace your true self are the first steps to an extraordinary transformation to maximise your Heart Coherence, your Global Heart Print.

3 Stages of Global Heart Print Transformation

Rethink your History 

Release and Heal 

Renew your Heart


Rethink the attitude and intentions behind your communications.

In formative years experiencing an environment that is unconscious, un-nurturing, unsupportive or doesn’t encourage communication is confusing. Disconnection to the self, others and the environment is are common survival techniques.

Unconsciously this pain influences how we react and respond in subsequent interactions. 


The natural human survival instincts of fight or flight are the basis for our responses to any threatening physical or emotional situation – the fear origin of our behaviours.

Living in fear to any degree develops and entrenches negative life patterns and negative belief systems, reduces creativity, freedom, expression, openness to love and full potential.

Becoming aware of negative life patterns and belief systems will further increase your understanding of the relationship methods you employ to feel safe and secure.


Healing : choice and connection.

Healing is continual; it is the daily choice to be aware of negative belief systems, thought patterns, perceptions, boundaries and relationship communications.

Consistently re-exploring, removing a layer with each behaviour and communication choice is necessary for our spiritual growth. Realising the choice to change and forgive yourself is entirely yours is freeing. Be gentle with yourself.

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