Foot Bath Ritual

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DIY foot bath

As you’ve heard me say, soaking your feet after a Biofield Tuning or Sound session is important to assist in releasing the emotions from the body.

This is true after a challenging day or week and as the winds pick up in August very nurturing for dry feet. Here’s some ideas on creating a healing foot soak…

Extra large bowl or rectangular container
Warm water (only fill 2/3 container) 
Essential oils (see suggestions below)
Apple cider vinegar 
Herbs or flowers
Eye mask
Relaxation tea
Himalayan Salt
Crystals (see suggestions below)
Towel (under bowl for splashes and drying your feet)

 : Soak your feet for about 20mins in a combination of any 
or all of the herbs, oils or crystals etc

: Create an intention for the combination of healing properties in the water to draw the resistant emotion + stress from the body for grounded, balanced calm

: Drinking a caffeine free herbal tea may assist you to feel relaxed + warm

: For the ultimate foot soak burn candles, essential oils, incense or sage while playing meditation music. 

: You may even like to use a foot sponge or brush to slough away dry skin allowing the oils to deeply absorb into the skin

: Keeping a jug of hot water near by allows you to top up when needed


Orange – reduces anxiety and inflammation; calming
Petitgrain – relaxing, helps to ease feelings of stress. 
Bergamot – opens the heart chakra, uplifting to the mind; balancing
(coconut or olive oil are a great alternative)


Selenite – protecting your space from external influences; rejuvenation
Cherry Quartz – hope, courage, balance, assists to restore the rhythm of life
Tourmaline – protection against negative energy including EMFs; grounding


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