Courses and Workshops

Sound Healing Course

 Sound Healing Practitioner Certificate  

Brisbane & Online  

Over three days for in-depth training

Manifesting Prosperity and Connection

60 min online workshop  

August 8th 2022 7pm – 8pm  

The Lion’s gate portal opens with the new moon in Leo, making for strong manifesting energy

8 the infinity number associated with the feminine, strength to achieve goals and abundance.  Two 8’s means double the energy!

Releasing limiting beliefs, thoughts and patterns for openness to new experiences,  personal power and inner wisdom.

Tuning Fork Practitioner

Tuning Fork Practitioner Certificate

Become a certified practitioner  

Three days of advanced Tuning fork training  

Start building your business or add to your offerings  


Tuning Forks Workshop

Tuning Fork Workshop

Introduction for self use  

Take home manual  

Half day

Space Clearing Workshop

Space Clearing Workshop

Learn for your personal or work space  

Clearing for animals  

Clearing for plants  

Half day

Voice workshop

Clear balance and energise your throat chakra to deliver your inner power.  Letting go, releasing and reclaiming your voice.  

Especially good during the post divorce experience, changing the narrative of your life story of not being heard or feeling worthy to express yourself. 

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