Astrological Sound Dreamwork

dream Catcher

Exploring the connection between astrology and dreamwork and how by using tuning forks before bedtime it will enhance dream recall and how to interpret some of the symbolic messages that may arise during sleep and align them astrological influences. 

Step 1: Setting the Celestial Stage

Before we embark on this celestial adventure, find a quiet and cozy space. Dim the lights, breathe deeply, and imagine the night sky filled with stars. We’re creating a cosmic canvas for the dreamscape ahead.

Step 2: Selecting Your Astrological Influences

Consider your astrological allies so to speak. Are you a fiery Aries, a grounded Taurus, or perhaps an imaginative Pisces? Each sign holds unique energies. Choose a tuning fork or a set of forks that resonate with the qualities of your sun, moon, or rising sign.

Step 3: Tuning Fork Calibration

Hold your selected tuning fork or forks close to your heart and take a moment to attune. Strike the fork gently, allowing the vibrations to envelop you. This calibration connects your energy with the celestial frequencies, creating a harmonious resonance.


Step 4: The Dreamtime Ritual

As you prepare for sleep, keep the tuned tuning fork(s) within reach. Place them beside your bed or on your nightstand. As you drift into the dream realm, envision these celestial companions casting a gentle glow of energy over your sleeping sanctuary.

Step 5: Morning Dream Reflection

Upon awakening, take a few moments to reflect on your dreams. What symbols, emotions, or messages emerged? Write them down in a dream journal. This morning ritual helps anchor the dream experiences and allows you to revisit them later.

Step 6: Aligning Dreams with Astrological Insights

Connect the dots between your dreams and astrology. Consider the astrological influences of the night. Did a particular planet or zodiac sign dominate your dream landscape? This alignment provides deeper insights into the symbolic language of your dreams.

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