Astrological Exploration

Astrological zodiac chinese signs painted and graved on stones over black volcanic sand

During the second episode of season 2 of the Tune into Sound Wellbeing podcast Amanda and Steve discuss Astrology and Harmonic Resonance.  We dive into how you can approach these subjects with a balance of both intuition and analytical thinking, here’s the list we put together.

  1. Embrace Curiosity

Begin with a genuine curiosity and an open mind. Allow yourself to explore metaphysical concepts with the enthusiasm of a learner. Curiosity invites both analytical questioning and intuitive insights. 

  1. Learn the Basics

Start by building a foundation. Learn the basic principles and concepts of the metaphysical subjects you’re exploring whether it’s astrology, chakras, or archetypal images. This analytical understanding provides a framework for intuitive exploration. 

  1. Analytical Inquiry

Ask questions and engage in analytical inquiry. What are the underlying principles of a metaphysical concept? How do they connect to broader philosophies? Analytical thinking helps to dissect and understand the structure of the information. 


  1. Intuitive Listening

As you absorb this information, listen to your intuition. How does your body respond? What resonates with you on a deeper, intuitive level? Trust those subtle feelings and nudges that go beyond the factual understanding. 

  1. Reflect and Journal

Incorporate reflective practices. After learning something new, take time to journal your thoughts and feelings. This is where the analytical mind and intuitive insights can come together. What patterns do you notice? How does the information personally resonate with you? 

  1. Meditative Exploration

Integrate meditation or meditative practices into your exploration. This allows you to quiet the analytical chatter and tap into your intuitive wisdom. Meditative states can offer profound insights and connections to the metaphysical realms. 

  1. Seek Balance

Aim for a balanced approach. Neither dismiss the analytical nor the intuitive. They complement each other. The analytical mind provides structure and understanding, while intuition adds depth, meaning, and a personal connection to the information. 

  1. Trust the Process

Trust that the more you engage in this balanced approach, the more natural it becomes. Over time, you’ll find a rhythm that allows both analytical and intuitive aspects to contribute to your understanding of metaphysical concepts. 

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