Archetypal Images for Healing

Embark on a transformative journey as we delve into the profound connection between chakra energy and mythological archetypes.

Visualise the harmonisation of both energy systems as you meditate on each chakra-archetype connection, unlocking the potential for holistic wellbeing.

Elevate this experience by incorporating tuning forks into your practice, leveraging their unique ability to balance and enhance vibrational alignment.

The sound journey with mythological archetypes allows for a personalised exploration, offering a diverse array of choices—from gods and goddesses to mythical creatures.

When incorporating these mythological archetypes into meditation, consider the qualities and energies each deity represents. Choose archetypes that resonate with your intentions and explore their symbolism to enhance your meditation experience.

The use of tuning forks tuned to frequencies aligned with archetypes can further amplify the vibrational resonance during the meditation journey. 

Athena: The goddess of wisdom, strategy, and warfare. 

Greek Mythology: 

Athena: The goddess of wisdom, strategy, and warfare. 

Apollo: The god of music, poetry, and healing. 

Norse Mythology: 

Freya: The goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. 

Thor: The god of thunder, lightning, and protection. 

Hindu Mythology: 

Lakshmi: The goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. 

Ganesha: The elephant-headed god of wisdom and new beginnings. 

Egyptian Mythology: 

Isis: The goddess of magic, motherhood, and fertility. 

Ra: The sun god, symbolising creation and life. 

Quan Yin: The goddess of compassion and mercy. 

Chinese Mythology: 

Quan Yin: The goddess of compassion and mercy. 

Fu Xi: A mythological emperor associated with the creation of humanity. 

Celtic Mythology: 

Cernunnos : The horned god of nature, fertility, and the underworld. 

Brigid: The goddess of inspiration, healing, and craftsmanship. 

Japanese Mythology: 

Amaterasu: The sun goddess, associated with light and life. 

Susano-o: The god of storms and the sea. 

Native American Mythology: 

White Buffalo Calf Woman: A sacred figure associated with peace and spirituality. 

Raven: A trickster figure in various Native American cultures. 

Anansi: The spider god, known for storytelling and wisdom. 

African Mythology: 

Anansi: The spider god, known for storytelling and wisdom. 

Oshun: The goddess of love, fertility, and rivers in Yoruba mythology. 

Mesopotamian Mythology: 

Inanna: The Sumerian goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. 

And finally Marduk: The Babylonian god associated with justice and order. 


So here select tuning forks that represent the vibrational essence of these archetypes. 

Embark on a sound journey, immersing yourself in the sonic landscape of mythological energies. 

Allow the tuning fork frequencies to guide your meditation, invoking archetypal qualities for personal exploration. 

To further your archetypal exploration connect with the work of Caroline Myss.


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