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Restore head and heart coherence, balance your energy and reduce your stress by using ancient sound healing techniques.

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Biofield Tuning

Biofield tuning is a unique form of energy medicine that uses sound waves, produced by tuning fork vibrations, in our bio magnetic field (or biofield) that surrounds the body.

SonoKi Sacred Geometry

SonoKi uses a unique combination of tuning forks and Sacred Geometry.

The gentle vibrations created in SonoKi sessions may assist to move stagnant emotions within for life changing transformation.

Sound Lounge

Deeply relaxing, rejuvenating & restorative. Calming for an overactive mind, soothing for muscle stress, bring balance with non-invasive, gentle body relaxation.

Illustration of a human figure in a meditative pose, enveloped in a shimmering purple aura. The background is dark, making the aura stand out prominent

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Amanda Mackay



As a second generation healer Amanda’s life memories and experiences are connected to self-awareness, wellness, intuition, meditation and healing, for her the healing path is not a job, a passion or a calling it is a way of being.

Whether working with people in her healing space in Brisbane or by distance overseas, Amanda assists her clients to balance dissonant emotions, behaviour or thought patterns either learnt or energetically inherited from family or society.  When energy is balanced making decisions and creating the life you want is more than a possibility.

Knowing first hand the inner freedom that comes with healing her own life experiences and challenges, Amanda now assists clients in her Brisbane healing space, throughout Australia and overseas to find emotional well-being through sound. Releasing limiting belief systems is the corner stone to life changing healing, an aspect Amanda brings to all of her healing and has expanded on in many published articles.

The practice of meditation over the past 30 years is integral to Amanda’s daily life. Underpinning all of this is Amanda’s love of family; she cherishes her relationships with her four children and their beloved pups.

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Bringing together a lifetime of skills and experiences to explore sound therapy, skin solutions, artistry and kindness advocacy is a beautiful balance I am happy to share. Fill out the form below and select a way that you would like to work with Amanda.

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